Second Year of Every Kid in a Park Pass


The following press release came across my desk at work, and I thought I’d share it with my fellow travelers. Visiting the National Parks, forests, and waters is a wonderful way to see the natural beauty of our nation.

And if you’re following for the fitness posts, what better place to get out and get moving?

Fourth graders can obtain pass that grants free access to federal lands and waters nationwide for them and their family  

WASHINGTON – As part of President Obama’s commitment to protect our nation’s unique outdoor spaces and ensure that every American has the opportunity to visit and enjoy them, the Obama Administration today launched the second year of the Every Kid in a Park program, which gives fourth graders and their families free access to federal lands and waters nationwide for a full year. Watch a video with highlights from Every Kid in a Park from last year.

Fourth graders can visit the Every Kid in a Park website to obtain a free pass that provides access to federally managed lands and waters – including national parks, forests, wildlife refuges and marine sanctuaries. The pass – which features a new design for this year’s students – is valid from September 1, 2016 through August 31, 2017and grants free entry for fourth graders and up to three accompanying adults (or an entire non-commerical vehicle for drive-in parks) at more than 2,000 sites across the country.

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Week 4: Nutrition Myths

I’m going to start this out by saying I am not a doctor. I’m not even a nutritionist. I’m not giving you medical advice. The four of us who write for this blog also write professionally about food and agriculture all day. Our job is to talk to experts and accurately report what the experts say. We’ve been doing it for many years. And that’s what I’m going to do here, as we combat two basic nutrition myths.

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Week 3: What gets you going?

This week, I’ve asked the bloggers what music gets them going during their workouts. You’ll notice the answers are all pretty different from each other. It brings home the point that we’re all moved by different things, motivated by different things, inspired by different things, and changed by different things. If you’re starting out a health and fitness journey with us, consider what it is that gets you moving, and how you can put more of that into your life.

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Training for Fun

This week, we want you to meet our official blog trainer. Sabrina has the pleasure of working out with him in person, while Susan and Martha are participating in at-home programs. (Lorrie continues with the CrossFit that she loves so much. Hey, if you find something you love, stick with it!) Plus, we have this week’s recipe and updates from our bloggers.

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Food, Fitness, and Friends

Week 1: Welcome

Hello! I’m Sabrina, the owner and original writer on this blog. It started out as a place to share stories and pictures from my work travels, but now I’ve invited a couple friends on a journey of a different kind. Together, but in different parts of the nation, we’re all committed to 41 weeks of exercising and eating right, to get ourselves healthier. Our final goal is to participate in the Lincoln Marathon and Half.

Here we’ll share our successes, struggles and support for each other … and maybe help you find some support along the way, too. Watch each week for a fitness tip from one of our trainers and healthy recipes. I’ll still be posting travel stuff, too – so be sure to check the main page for that as well. Hit the follow button to show your support!

This week’s fitness tip:

20160609-DSCN3636Never say “can’t”.

Trainer Germaine Tanner of GT Training has a rule: His clients aren’t allowed to say “can’t”. Think you can’t do 10 push ups? Give it a shot. Can’t do 20 leg lifts? Try anyway. Tanner says “can’t” is one way we Continue reading

Indepence Day/Arlington Cemetery

Independence Day

I’ve held this post for quite a while. Today seems like a perfect day to finally write it.
If you know me, you know I’m quite the patriot. So much so, the National Anthem makes me tear up. But, I’m not blinded by nationalism. America has a great number of flaws. We pride ourselves on individualism, but we are a nation of more than 300,000,000 individuals. More than 300,000,000 individual views on what is right, what is ethical, what personal boundaries are, what government boundaries are, and every other aspect of life possible. More than 300,000,000 ways to live and to attempt to live among the other 299,999,999 people in this country.

As a group, we often really mess it up. I find it heartbreaking when we do. But, we also often get it right. We tend to help those who need it, protect those who can’t protect themselves, stand strong amid chaos, and work to ensure our sacred freedom remains for our future generations.

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California Tour: San Francisco

20160408-DSCN3530A quintessential California scene, fog rolls over the bay and leaves bits of the Golden Gate Bridge to peak out and please travelers eager for a scrapbook picture. Joining the bridge in the fog, The Rock. And sprawled out before the water, the city, filled to every inch it seems with people, lights, sound and movement. As iconic as the waterfalls of Yosemite with which we started our trip, San Francisco is an excellent spot to wrap up our California tour.

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California Tour: Central Coast


Imagine the hypnotic, languid pulse of the lazy evening waves brushing against the shore; the sun, now but a flaxen orb, dissolving into the distant sea; a gentle, cool breeze kissing your cheek with the tenderness of a loving mother.

I bring you now to California’s Central Coast.

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California Tour: Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Parks

20160403-DSCN3408The Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks are often left in the shadow of Yosemite’s grandness. However, here you can escape Yosemite’s crowds, witness California’s regal mountainscapes, and walk among some of the oldest and largest living organisms on Earth. Do not skip this on your California tour.

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California Tour: Yosemite

20160326-DSCN3351This week marked a year since I started this blog. In that time, it’s grown to nearly 5,000 followers. Thank you! I’m amazed at the feedback I’ve received, and by just how fun it’s been to share my travel stories and photos with you.

To celebrate the first anniversary, I want to focus on this state that I love so much, and take you on a tour of some of my favorite spots. Our California tour starts in Yosemite.

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