Parkfield is a hidden little treasure in California. My dad introduced me to it years ago. Here’s something he wrote recently about the special town.

The Real Western View

This summer we’ve been talking about places to go when you have a day off and need some fresh scenery.   Let me tell you about one of my favorite places on the map.

Parkfield is a quiet and quaint wide spot in the road located in the central coast mountains between Paso Robles and Coalinga. It’s famous as ‘the earthquake capital of the world.’  Geologists, as well as earthquake enthusiasts, love to visit Parkfield and scour the hillsides for evidence of tectonic plate shifts.  The earth shakes often here but at low intensity – as Californians well know, frequent small quakes are much safer than an occasional big one. So this is a good place to study earthquake activity.  Check the bridge south of town – it goes over the San Andreas fault, and you can actually see how far the earth has moved since the bridge was built.

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