Week 5 of Food, Fitness and Friends

This week’s fitness tip from Germaine:


Four Reasons You’re Not Seeing Results

1.You’re not eating enough

Missing meals is not the best way to lose weight.

2.No training regimen at the gym

Don’t do the same workout every day.

3.Unrealistic expectations

Goals will not be reached overnight! Real results can take a year or even more. Don’t give up.

4.No accountability

Are you really putting in work or are you going through the motions? Be honest with yourself.

This week’s featured recipe:

Almond Butter Energy Bites


1 ¼ cup old-fashioned oats
3 tablespoons mini chocolate chips
½ cup almonds, chopped
1/3 cup honey
½ cup dried cranberries
½ cup almond butter
1 tsp vanilla extract
Get the full recipe and nutritional information here:  http://www.almonds.com/health-professionals/recipe-center/almond-butter-energy-bites

From the Almond Board of California


Sabrina Hill, Clovis, CA

SabrinaMy Week:

Whew! Goodness, am I glad this week is over. It’s been incredibly busy. Work is crazy right now, and there’s a big family event coming up. My dad is getting married tomorrow! However, I was able to find some time work out most days this week, and I tried to continue to be careful with my eating. So, I’ve had a good week, overall. I even managed to drop a couple pounds, and I’m starting to see results in my work out. My endurance is building, and so are a few of my muscles.

Susan Littlefield, Surprise, NE

SusanMy Week:

Susan had a  big, busy week starting out at a new radio network and working at the Nebraska State Fair. She’ll be back with an update again next week.

Martha Gingras, Durand, WI

MarthaMy Week:

This week.  Ummm… this week.  It seems all a blur.  I’ve gotten into a routine where I get my steps in, go to work, run my errands and then try to go to sleep.  I’ve been adding wedding planning tasks and a community project to my plate as well this week.  As for the adjustment to my diet, my lack of gluten hasn’t been too bad. The station is right next to the best glazed donuts in the world and yet, I’m not craving them.  I smell them and that is just enough. I did get stressed out the other day and wanted to make my comfort food: toast.  I had yet to get the gluten free bread and I didn’t dare chance the craving.  It was fine.  I recognized the craving as the need for comfort and I did something different.
What I have been noticing, though, is the reaction that I’ve been getting from people.  I either get people that feel bad for me that I can’t have food with gluten or they question my credibility in the issue as if its some fad diet I’m on.  Those that question, I pay no mind to them.  The reaction is their “stuff”.  Those that pity, I explain that it isn’t a bad thing and it is for me to remain healthy.  And those that support me are sending GF recipes or trying to adapt favorite foods into one.  Most of all, I feel better.  And isn’t that the point?  I never imagined that I’d get to know myself even better than I initially intended when I began this journey.  The saying “When the student is ready, the teacher appears” rings true right now.  And I’m grateful for the journey with my fellow “sisterchicks”.


Lorrie Boyer, Brush, CO

LorrieMy Week:

Hi Everyone,

It was a good week this past week! I had some very good and hard CrossFit workouts. In addition to my regular CrossFit workouts, our gym is doing an eight-week cardio bootcamp and I joined that too. I know, it is crazy. The first day, I thought I was all that and a bag of chips and did both a regular CrossFit workout then an hour later did the bootcamp class. Big Mistake! My knee was swollen up like a balloon and my right thigh muscle was doing to flips and charlie horses that were very painful. Ice, ice and more ice! The good news, I worked different sets of muscles and was glad to feel some discomfort in those areas, because I know those muscles got worked. It is hard to really work your butt, not just glutes but your butt and I was able to really hone in on those muscles.

As for eating, I did very well. I really focused on making sure I got protein, it is recommended that we eat around 20 grams of protein per meal in order to build lean muscle and keep satiated, I was close to that. My biggest challenge is my darn sweet tooth. Even with eating well, I still snuck the cookies and even a couple of powdered sugar donuts. I am on the hunt for some recipes for a good healthy desert besides fruit. I like fruit, but want something more decadent for desert.

For next week, I will work harder at adjusting my eating choices and trying to find easy recipes that I can make up quickly to meet my protein needs and try to NOT eat cookies, donuts or those other sweets that lure me in. I don’t buy a lot of them, but have a few around for my kids and husband.

My mantra for the next week “nothing in life worth doing if I don’t have sweat equity (literally) in it”



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