New Orleans is a photographer’s Mecca. Replete with character and saturated in brilliant colors, this city is more alive than any place I’ve ever experienced.

And sight is not the only sense overwhelmed in New Orleans. A cacophony of music is the city’s soundtrack, day and night. From sultry blues to blaring horn sections, sidewalk musicians to concert halls, music of all sorts is constant in the Big Easy.

But the vibrancy comes with a price. The sense of smell is also often overwhelmed in New Orleans. The mixture of too many people with too many liberties leads the busier areas to reek of bodily functions. I found the French Quarter to be the worst for this. Often, the sites and sounds were dulled by the stench of urine in the streets.

I visited many areas of town and had many experiences. Posts to come will include the French Quarter, the Garden District, a few fun experiences with wild life and nature and, of course, the food.