Today is my son’s birthday. He’s spent the last several months deployed with the USS Hartford. Today, they returned home.

Several pieces fell into place so that my daughter and I could be there for the homecoming. It was my son’s first deployment, and it’s likely the only time we’ll be able to make a homecoming. Details of the event aren’t given out until 24 hours before the event. And even then, some have to be relayed in person. We didn’t even know the day of his return until that time frame.

We had already planned a trip across the country to visit my son for his birthday. The Hartford was supposed to be home already, but the return was delayed. We kept our travel plans, not knowing if my son would be back yet or not. That’s just the way military-family life is. It worked out wonderfully in this case.

I’m too exhausted from the excitement and emotions of today and the 15 hours of travel yesterday, to write anything beautiful or clever. So, I’ll just post some pictures for our family and friends who couldn’t be there.

And for those who want some more information, here are some links to news coverage of the homecoming.

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