Keep showing up! Find out how an old baseball card helped this writer see that sometimes you just have to keep showing up to the game and giving it all you’ve got.

A Whole Lotta Life


As a kid I enjoyed collecting baseball cards. You could buy a package of cards (usually 5-7 per package) with a wafer thin piece of gum. Actually I think I bought the package for the awful gum more than the cards but I won’t admit it.

Of all the cards I collected some 40 years ago, I never had one of the greats (Reggie Jackson, George Brett, Pete Rose or Goose Gossage) but ended up with ones like Mick Kelleher. Who was he anyway? I didn’t know his name, his number and didn’t really care. Now many years later what card do I find tucked away? Yep good old Mick Kelleher.

Surely I didn’t keep it on purpose. Mick played for ten years and retired with a lousy batting average of .213. He never played in a playoff game and most notably is the only player (non-pitcher) to have at…

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