This one’s not on travel, but it goes back to the original intent of this blog – to share other people’s stories. I love hearing from farmers who work every day to feed thousands of people they’ll never meet. In this blog, a cattle rancher explains what Subway’s new anti-antibiotic campaign means to her.

The Life of a Golden Rose

I am a master boycotter…  Now I have another to add to my list, Subway! Subway recently announced they were going to begin serving meats that had never been given antibiotics. Poultry beginning in 2016 with beef and pork to follow within the next 6 years.

As an agriculturalist I believe we should listen to our consumers and give them the products they are requesting but this decision, made by Subway, was not consumer driven… It was driven by activist groups!

Has the American People come to the point where they sit back and let a bunch of people in LA or NYC make their dietary decisions? I am a born and raised Texan residing in Oklahoma where we like our steaks BIG and our vegetables minimal! I was raised to be logical and react to things sensibly. So, if that is the way you really want things than be…

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