Special guest blog from one of my favorite writers, Len Wilcox (who happens to be my dad) about one of his favorite writers. I really enjoyed this trip to the Steinbeck Center in Salinas, CA.

The Real Western View

John Steinbeck center, Salinas CA (C) Len Wilcox John Steinbeck center, Salinas CA (C) Len Wilcox

Recently, I had the joy of traveling to Salinas with my daughter and granddaughter. It was a business trip for them, but I was going to reconnect with one of my heroes since childhood: John Steinbeck. Salinas is his birthplace, and the setting of so many of his books. Long before I moved to California I knew the Long Valley, the Monterey peninsula and the central valley very well, thanks to those books.

Salinas has done a wonderful job of documenting the legacy of John Steinbeck. Visiting the National Steinbeck Center is a joyful reunion with the heroes and villains of his books. I particularly enjoyed seeing Rocinante – the truck and camper he drove while writing Travels with Charley. Years later I had my own Rocinante. However, my book was not a best seller.

His novels explored the human condition and…

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